2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 – Review my car

In over a decade of test driving cars here on drive time. There has only been a handful that garnered the hysteria that this car generated everywhere I drove it. If by some chance you don’t recognize it by now it’s the 2008 Dodge challenger SRT 8. It’s all new in the most retro way. It’s been 38 years since this muscle car made its debut in the Dodge lineup with a 5 year run that terminated with the last big oil prices drop though Chrysler could. I foresee it during the car’s development. It’s ironic that the challenger SRT 8 returns of the time when fuel economy once again is steering every decision auto makers bear but for the few who opt for the big 6.one leader had me the only engine for the short one of away challengers the fact that it gets about 15 MPG ease what’s 91 octane carries a fourth tier $2100 gas guzzler tax.

2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8Likely won’t discourage mopar enthusiasts. Style so closely mimicking the original it’s hard not to feel nostalgic when you see this car coming. If you’re a woman looking to pick up guys this is the car for you. There’s something about hemi orange. Challenger name. Thoughts of ball would lose that try to make it. State. This is the kind of attention grabbing car that gets normally sane people jumping out of their cars stoplights just to give kudos and boy did the dice designers absolutely nail this body Dodge Challenger hid headlights. Should we be surprised after all these are the same people that have brought us auto design icons like the viper prowler and 300 and I’ve got some bad news for Chevy this car will make your new Camaro invisible when they’re eventually seen. Together The giddiness continues once behind the wheel where your mind is tricked into thinking big heavy fast muscle car with tons of body roll but instead gets a taut precision steered modern day machine with gobs of power and breaking prowess. But don’t worry engineers didn’t turn this into some euro feeling sports car there’s a slight Bob in the suspension the exhaust note it’s V8 heavenly number 4 throttle.

Well Lights resting your arm out the window. Using the auto stick for the 5 speed auto delivers the most authentic driving experience. And in case you’re wondering. I feel 9 model and just like the good Ole boys down in hazard used to do you can easily get the rear end Handle. The interior both super comfortable seats usable rear seat room and accommodating trunk and such optional luxury items as a navvy and the my gig music system. For 41 0 310 as seen here though greedy dealers will tack on more this is a phenomenal job by diet. The only suggestion. Exhaust port a little louder idle otherwise hitting 60 miles per hour 5.one seconds. So like never before this challenger is the brightest spot in Chrysler’s otherwise gloomy 2008.